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Black Diamond Raven Pro Ice Axe 75cm

A traditional mountaineering piolet built with lightweight materials.

Black Diamond Transfer 3

The transfer snow shovel model takes a more traditional design approach, opting for maximum extendable shaft length. But the tradition stops there. The unique trapezoidal shaft cannot rotate, allowing for simple spring-pin engagement, and creates a very lightweight and stiff reach for large rescues or digging deep pits. The ultra-strong aluminium blade is engineered for maximum snow removal with the smallest footprint of space and digs smooth, clean walls for pit analysis. Its handle feels like a D-grip but packs like a T-grip – small but glove and mitt friendly in one elegant design while allowing for all the leverage you need.
$19.95 SAVE -300%

Carson LumiLoupe Stand 10x Magnifier

LumiLoupe stand 10x magnifier has pre-focused duel lens for examination of snow crystals close-up while its transparent acrylic base allows ambient light to illuminate the snow crystals and stop them being blown away by the wind or being melted by your breath.

G3 240 Speed TECH Probe

FAST, RELIABLE, RELATIVELY LIGHTWEIGHT, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - INTUITIVE. THE RIGHT GEAR FOR WHEN IT REALLY COUNTS. Completely redesigned with G3’s new quick deploy mechanism, Speed TECH avalanche probes meet the needs of recreational users and professionals, combining reliability and strength while being relatively lightweight.
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